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Innovation Center

Founded in 2009, the HKFSI Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) is a knowledge-based innovation hub that provides manufacturing excellence in Hong Kong manufacturing through innovation and productivity. Its key functions include providing productivity resources and bespoke training/mentoring support to help Hong Kong students implement their specific business roadmaps. PIC also conducts research and benchmarking to guide industry development, and works closely with Hong Kong government agencies, industry experts, academia and overseas institutions to develop tools, case studies and localization best practices.

Urban Modern Interior Design
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Our Mission Is to Empower


Professional Online Modules


Industry Leading Mentors


Qualified School Graduates


Satisfaction Rated by Students

You may find hundreds of promotional materials for promoting online academic qualifications. It is a large market that everyone is tapping into while online learning is a new norm to most of the people in the world no matter you are a student, or eager to learn something that helps you to better perform at work. While everyone was being asked to work from home or locked down, it is probably one of the best times to pick up learning that was not able to be done at other times of your life. 

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach






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